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2017 Mission Canadian Open

Here is a video of this years Mission Canadian Open from Mission Raceway shot by Doug Nichol. Shows all the qualifying and elimination runs.

Mr. P's Detailing

Low qualifier award

Everyone at the RMNFCA would to thank Rick and Karen Forman from Mr. P's Detailing for donating the gift package of cash and detailing (value $1000.00) to the low qualifier at the Canadian Diesel Drags. Al Weich took home the package running a very good 6.91 (on a 6.90 index)

JB's Power Centre Canadian Diesel Shootout

Cal Tebb wins

Everyone at the RMNFCA would like to thank the NHRDA and JB's Power Centre for inviting us out to last Saturdays JB's Power Centre Canadian Diesel Shootout. We had a lot of fun showing the diesel racing fans our style of racing (big burnouts and close side by side racing) and we also got to see something new, in what a diesel power vehicle is capable of. The weather, NHRDA staff, Castrol Raceway staff and all the fans were amazing. We ran a Chicago Style Shootout (two qualifying runs with two closest to the 6.90 index racing in the finals). Cal Tebb ended up beating Al Weich in the finals (6.98 to a 6.96 for a holeshot victory) Look for more photos on the Canadian Diesel Drags event page or in the photo gallery.

Hot August Nights

What a night

The RMNFCA teams were out in full force at this years Hot August Nights at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, AB. The stands were packed and the fans were treated to excellent weather and some very exciting racing. The event is always fun for us as racers too because it is a match race format not actual competition. This gives us more time to mingle with the fans and the other racers. Check the Hot August Nights event page or the photo gallery for more photos.

Hot August Nights

RMNFCA next event is Hot August Nights at Castrol Raceway

Come out to Castrol Raceway for hot racing action featuring:

Canada’s longest running and largest single day drag event is at Castrol Raceway: Hot August Night is the largest Jet Car event in Canada with the 2017 event hosting incredible Jet action from throughout the United States and Canada. Each year record breaking crowds can expect to see the skies light up with flames, smoke, and speeds approaching 300MPH.

Not only does Hot August Night give us a great big ball of Jet fire, it showcases the best of the best of Western Canada’s extreme motorsports. Funny Cars, AA Dragsters, the PT Crusier Wheelstander, and 200MPH Top Fuel Harleys are just the tip of the iceberg for this fan favourite event. Hot August Night has been a long standing tradition at Castrol Raceway, as the single largest one day event year after year.

7 Jet Features: Warhawk, Secret Weapon, Mater, Twisted Mister, 2 Amazing biodiesel Jets and Rick "Holywood" Kopp's PYRO Jet Truck.

Gates Open @ 4PM

On-Track Action @ 6PM (show concludes at apx 11PM)

Adults $30

Youth $15

Reserved Seat +$10


Children 5 & Under FREE

Avoid the Lines, Get your Tickets TODAY



New photos added

New photos were added to the Mission race. REMEMBER you can view photos in the event page (then click on that particular event) or you can view all photos in a thumbnail version on the Gallery page. Enjoy.

Mission Canadian Open

Final round photo

Photo from Speedzone Magazine of the final round of the Mission Canadian Open. More photos on the Mission Event page.

Mission Canadian Open

Final results form The Mission Canadian Open

Here is the completed ladder from the Mission Canadian Open. Congratulations to "Wild" Al Weich and his team on the win. Hope to have times and some photos soon.

Mission Canadian Open


I heard the teams got both of their qualifying runs in last night after a rain delay (haven't heard all positions or times). Joey Steckler is top qualifier followed closely by Jimmy Fersch. Hope to have times and elimination results late tonight or tomorrow morning.

NHRA Mission Canadian Open

Canadian Open

Mission Canadian Open run tomorrow and Saturday in Mission, BC

Rocky Mountain Nationals elimination ladder

2017 Rocky Mountain Nationals

ladder after completion of the 1st round

Rocky Mountain Nationals Final Qualifying order

Final Qualifying Results

Race was rained out after our 1st round was completed. Our portion of the Rocky Mountain Nationals will be run off on the September 2 weekend at Castrol Raceway.

#1 Cal Tebb 6.9391 203.34
#2 Shane Reykdal 6.9587 198.15
#3 Troy Sitko 6.9604 192.39
#4 Norm Kolwich 6.9937 204.64
#5 Sherri Bodnarchuk 7.0014 204.36
#6 Cory Kincaid 7.0019 212.18
#7 Joey Steckler 7.0027 203.16
#8 Ron Stennes 7.0290 197.46
#9 Mike Reynolds 7.0431 178.78
#10 Jimmy Fersch 7.0637 197.80
#11 Cody Anstead 7.1295 192.97
#12 Rick Yamada 7.1368 190.71
#13 Mark Vennance 7.2110 177.80
#14 Darrel Webb 7.2142 193.80
#15 Courtney Mageau 8.2222 146.06

Rocky Mountain nationals Q1 order

Qualifying order

#1 Shane Reykdal 6.958
#2 Norm Kolwich's 6.993
#3 Ron Stennes 7.029
#4 Mike Rynolds 7.0431
#5 Sherrie Bodnaechuk 7.0433
#6 Cal Tebb 7.095
#7 Rick Yamada 7.161
#8 Jimmy Fersch 7.167
#9 Mark Venance 7.211
#10 Cody Anstead 7.326
#11 Darrel Webb 7.370
#12 Courtney Mageau 8.222
#13 Cory Kincaid 9.816
#14 Joey Steckler 6.899 (breakout)
#15 Troy Sitko DNR

Big West Dodge

Event sponsor

We are proud to announce Big West Dodge from Drayton Valley, AB as a sponsor for the funny car class at the up coming Canadian Diesel Shootout at Castrol Raceway.

JB's Power Centre Canadian Diesel Shootout

Promo video

Here is the Promo Video for the up and coming JB's Power Centre Canadian Diesel Shootout

New Event added

JB's Power Centre Canadian Diesel Shootout

Our Association has been invited to be one of the feature classes at the up coming JB's Power Centre Canadian Diesel Shootout at Castrol Raceway on August 12. Come on out and cheer us on as well as see some very unique diesel race cars and trucks on display as well as racing down the 1/4 mile.

Wild Al displays car at Lochearn Elementary School

Displayed the vehicles for the Grad 4 and 5 students at Lochearn Elementary School in Rocky Mountain House.

Al displayed his car with some local Law Enforcement vehicles on June 27 2017. Had a great turnout and all the kids loved the vehicles. Check out a slide show of pictures under Lochearn School display on our events page.

Rocky Mountain Nationals - Click to Open

2017 Schedule

Here is the schedule for this year
Rocky Mountain Nationals at Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, AB.
Come out and cheer everyone on

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Here are the funny car teams for 2017 season.

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Everyone strapping in for another qualifying shot from our first race at Castrol Raceway.

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Team: Road Hammers Racing


Cal's beautiful GTO ready to head out to the lanes. Photo by Doug Nichol.

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Team: N.K.R. Motorsports


Norm launching to a perfect 6.90 run. Photo by Doug Nichol.

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Team: Joey's Place racing


Nice angle of Joey on another quick pass. Photo by Doug Nichol.

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Team: E-Town Hustler Racing


Shane launching hard at our first race. Photo by Doug Nichol.

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Team: Pit Boss racing


Ron heating up the tires before his qualifying run. Photo by Doug Nichol.

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Team: N.K.R. Motorsports


Update from Sunday at Castrol Raceway. Norm Kolwich stole away the win away from Joey with an almost perfect run (6.9007 with a .015 reaction time) Shane Reykdal and Mike Reynolds were both too quick running 6.73 and 6.78 respectively. All in all a very strange weekend out at Castrol Raceway but the race season has started and that is a great thing after a very long off season.

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Team: Joey's Place racing


Update from Saturday qualifying at Castrol Raceway. Joey Steckler made a great pass today and is sitting #1 with a 6.911, Cal Tebb ran a slightly to quick 6.897 but had some parts breakage on his last qualifying pass and will have to sit out Sundays event, Norm Kolwich ran a little to quick as well with a 6.81, Ron Stennes ran a low 7 second pass (didn't get exact time) and Shane Reykdal made a half track checkout pass and one full pass with a soft tuneup to a 7.35.

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Team: Bulldogger racing


Update from Sunday testing. Because Cal made two great runs Saturday he decided his was ready to go for the first event and sat out Sunday. Jimmy ran two great runs of a 6.83 and a 6.87, so Jimmy and his Bulldogger team are dialed in pretty good for our 6.90 index. Ron Stennes was hit hard by the flu bug all weekend and decided to not run the car and the Canadian White Trash team had some parts breakage and never got a full pass in but should be ready for the first race next weekend.

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Team: Road Hammers Racing


Sounds like Jimmy Fersch and Ron Stennes were doing finishing touches on their cars yesterday out at the Castrol Raceway and I believe they did not make any runs. Cal made two passes however and looks like he is ready to go. Cal ran a 6.98 on his first pass and a 6.93 on his second. Pretty good out of the box for our 6.90 second index. I hear Jimmy and Ron are planning to make a couple of passes today as well as Troy Sitko and the Canadian White Trash team fired their car up yesterday and are planning on being out at the track today as well.

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A few members from the Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Car Association (Cal Tebb, Jimmy Fersch and Troy Sitko) are heading out Castrol Raceway in Edmonton, AB this weekend to do a little testing in preperation for next weekends first race of the season.

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Team: Road Hammers Racing


Cal Tebb warmed his car for the first time this year today and it sounded really good.