E-Town Hustler Racing


Team Name E-Town Hustler Racing

Driver Shane Reykdal

Home Town Edmonton, AB

Crew Chief Shane Reykdal

Crew Mark Garron, Chris Grundberg, Wilma Reykdal, Nina Garron, Janice Robinson

Car Details

NameE-Town Hustler

Car 1979 Dodge Omni F/C

Engine 526 TFX hemi with Brad 5 fatheads

Chassis Victory chassis

Events This Year

Rocky Mountain Nostalgia Funny Car Association event - June03 - June04 - 0 points

Special thanks to my family and friends that helped make my dream come true.

Hero's in the sport: Gordie Bonin, Terry Capp, Gary Beck, and Jungle Jim Liberman.

Racing History: I first attended the drag races back in 1974 at Edmonton International Speedway. I first car I ever saw go down the track was the Pacemaker Vega funny car driven by Gordie Bonin. I started up and was noisy the did a half track burnout (I was hooked). In 1985 I traveled to Gainsville Florida to attend Frank Hawley's Drag Racing School (first Canadian). Over the last 20 years I have had the privilege to race with some of best race teams in the Edmonton area (Joey Steckler "RMNFCA", John Evanchuk "TA/FC", Sitko Family racing "TA/FC" and Cal Tebb "RMNFCA". Six years ago we finally build our own car and have raced it ever since enjoying a fair mount of success.

Best performance: 5.59 at 212 mph

Racing accomplishments: Two time IHRA Rocky Mountain Nationals winner "2012 and 2014". Winner of the coolest trophy ever at the 50th Anniversary race at Saskatchewan International Raceways. winner.

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